Conference Themes

1st International Conference



  1. Ethics, axiology and education 
  • Ethical teaching and ethical education
  • Educational axiology issues
  • Morality, axiology and leadership
  • Models and theories of ethical leadership
  • Ethics of lifelong learning
  • Ethics, management and commercialization of knowledge
  • Ethics and the educator leader
  • Ethics and leadership for children
  • Work and business ethics
  • Ethics, leadership and economic crisis
  • Ethics, economy and administration
  • Leadership and organizational ethics
  • Quality, educational leadership and ethics
  1. Educational policy and social justice 
  • Educational and social policy issues in Greece/Europe
  • Educational policy and school administration
  • Social justice issues
  • Educational opportunities and exclusions
  • Democratic education, citizenship and leadership
  • Leadership and equal opportunities
  • Educational policy, social justice and leadership
  1. Schools as organizations 
  • Leadership and school climate // school culture
  • School: A learning organization
  • Innovation and change
  • Conflict management in school
  • The school of the future
  • Transformative leadership practices in school
  1. Socially vulnerable groups: Challenges for administration and leadership
  • The Other, the stranger and forms of vulnerable diversity
  • Special education, disability and vulnerability
  • Socially vulnerable groups, intercultural education and mediation
  1. Technology and leadership 
  • Exploitationofnewtechnologiesfrommodern leadership
  • Technology and innovation in learning and teaching
  1. Administration and effectiveness 
  • Evaluation and effectiveness
  • Deontology and effectiveness
  • Modernadministration, efficiency and motivation
  • Educational effectiveness and school improvement
  • Innovative actions in educational units administration
  • Electronic governance and school management
  1. Teaching, coachingκαι mentoring 
  • Mentoring and coaching in education
  • Modern and alternative didactic approaches
  1. Organization and innovation in education 
  • Educational organizational models, innovation and educational change
  • Educational models and innovative strategies in technical-vocational education
  1. Economy, education and human resources 
  • Social economy and education
  • Human resources assessment and leadership
  • Educational leadership, human and economic resources management
  • Work, training and human resources development 
  1. Strategic planning and decision making
  • Strategic knowledge management and organizational performance
  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Organizational design and strategic management